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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Re: Intel Mac GNU Radio Install Update Soon

From: Michael Dickens
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Re: Intel Mac GNU Radio Install Update Soon
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 15:52:06 -0400

Thanks a lot for writing that install guide for Mac OS X. It works

Thanks! Good to hear it's being used successfully by folks outside of UND.

Here some updates on my experience with it on a Macbook 2GHz
with XCode 2.3:

- The USRP section is outdated. You don't need to download it
seperatly since the checkout script has been changed.

It sure is.  I'll update this sooner rather than later.

- Since the new Macbooks have dual core, one can add a -j2 to each
make command. That will speed up compilation because it creates two
gcc instances at a time.

This would come in the ./configure stage. Probably a switch statement somewhere which could be expanded to include the intel-mac 'uname' specs.

Eric - Any quick idea where to look for this to change it? - MLD

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