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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] The Mystery Deepens: GNU Radio on Intel-Mac

From: Michael Dickens
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] The Mystery Deepens: GNU Radio on Intel-Mac
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 10:19:06 -0400

Intel-Mac users: Could you try something for me? I've attached a file, which you would (1) extract: tar jxf std_ihx_works.tar.bz2; (2) then move/copy into ${gnu_radio_prefix}/share/usrp/rev2/ and ..../ rev4 . Then go into ..../usrp/host/apps (any since July 13, 2006, doesn't matter as far as I can tell) and (make sure a USRP is attached and powered up, then) try test_usrp_standard_tx and test_usrp_standard_rx (with your favorite options). For me, this works on both a MacBook Pro and 20" Intel-iMac.

This file is created by .../usrp/firmware/src/usrp2 by SDCC compilation. The Intel-Mac compiled version of SDCC 2.6 has a bus error during compiling "usb_common.c", and even when I "overcome" that error the file it produces (std.ihx) still doesn't work. The file I attached was created on July 13 on a MacBook Pro running (I think) XCode 2.3 and (I know) DarwinPorts' compiled and installed SDCC 2.4.0 with my manual fix to get SDCC to compile. Compiling SDCC 2.4 (manually, since DarwinPorts no longer supports that version) on the Intel-iMac doesn't change the result of "std.ihx" compilation (meaning the file "std.ihx" is exactly the same whether using the July 13 code or a current SVN checkout. This implies to me that the USRP's firmware code for creating "std.ihx" hasn't changed since July 13, and hence it's not the USRP code which is an issue, but rather the way SDCC is interpreting that code).

I will hopefully have access to the -known working- MacBook Pro tomorrow to figure out what's installed on it, and if I can recreate SDCC 2.4 which seems to work, and if so what the deal is which is breaking SDCC (or whatever the issue is, which still eludes me).

In the mean time, if anyone has thoughts of where else I could direct my efforts on this front, I'd appreciate them. I'm truly at a loss as to -how- SDCC can mess things up so royally. Others have suggested an endianness problem ... I really don't know.

Thanks in advance for you assistance! - MLD

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