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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] x86_64 issues I'd like input about.

From: Trond Danielsen
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] x86_64 issues I'd like input about.
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 09:57:52 +0100

2006/11/21, David P. Reed <address@hidden>:
Having updated to FC6 on my x86_64 laptop, I decided to play with the
install process there.   A couple of issues have arisen that I would be
interested in from folks who understand more about gnuradio than I.


2. The problem with Fedora's x86_64 python library layout is well known,
but I found two approaches to work around it as I've been exploring the
depths of python search paths, etc.   One (which works like a charm) is
to put a gnuradio.pth file in lib64/site-packages, that contains:


This forces all of the paths to be searched for imports.
It's ugly, though it works.
I think a better solution (which I will try shortly) is to put in in
each lib64 subdirectory (listed above) an __init__.py file that uses
to force modules to search both lib64 and lib directories in parallel
for names.  I don't fully understand pkgutils.extend_path, but it seems
to be designed for just this purpose.

Does this work? I tried adding the python header file, but it did not
work. Anyway I think the best solution is to install both the
extention modules and the scripts in the same folder (lib64), since
the way fedora installs python libs on fc6 is wrong. I have created a
patch that takes care of this, it should also work on i386.

Trond Danielsen

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