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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] mutiple signals with the usrp

From: Matt Ettus
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] mutiple signals with the usrp
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 11:42:02 -0800
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Josh Blum wrote:
> Hello,
> I am interested in sending and receiving multiple signals (2 or more?)
> with a single USRP.
> It seems that to transmit 2 signals to different daughter boards you
> can interleave the signals, set up 2 subdevices, and do a
> self.u.set_mux(0xba98) (i pulled this from the
> fm_tx_2_daughterboards.py example).


> I assume that receiving 2 signals would be very similar, perhaps a
> different hex value for set_mux?

yes, the mux values are different, but should be set automatically.

> What if I choose to transmit (or receive) those signals on 2 different
> subdevices of the same daughter board, is the code the same?
> Transmitting and receiving at the same time using one USRP does not
> seem to fit into this model. Is the correct way to create a USRP
> source and sink in the same flow graph? This may or may not be
> obvious, but my initial attempt failed and I was already sore from
> trying to receive 2 signals at once.

See the usrp_nbfm_ppt.py example.  It operates full duplex.


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