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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] RFX900 full duplex limitations

From: David Burgess
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] RFX900 full duplex limitations
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 14:04:01 -0800

If you actually measure this please share you results. 

-- David

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On Tue, 16 Dec 2008 13:38:16 -0800 "Johnathan Corgan" 
<address@hidden> wrote:
>On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 1:28 PM, Newell Jensen <address@hidden> 
>> Is this for the TX/RX port or are you also refering to the TX and RX2
>> ports?  If I use the RX2 port to receive with its own antenna and the 
>> port with its own antenna is the isolation still about 30 dB?
>I may have misspoken.  In the full duplex configuration, there are two
>switches worth of isolation between them, each of them at least 25dB
>isolation, but there may be other leakage paths, including coupling
>through the common power line.  It's probably worth measuring.
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