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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] BPSK Demodulator (i.e. Receiver) Award/Challenge

From: René Fléron
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] BPSK Demodulator (i.e. Receiver) Award/Challenge
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 09:30:15 -0700 (PDT)

Dear All,

Thanks for the many and prompt replies to my posting.
We now have a sort of BPSK demodulator, issues beyond my grasp still remains
but tests are being conducted.
Josh gave us the first real kick forward and an off-line Gnuradio/GRC expert
mailed us an 99,9% ready made GRC file. (Only had to fiddle with the freq.)
So I have chosen to award both with a cake.


René Fléron wrote:
> Dear Community,
> We've been working with USRP and Gnu Radio for various tasks in our
> Cubesat project for some time now. Recently we thought of using the set-up
> (Linux Ubuntu, USRP (1) and Gnu Radio / GRC) for receiving, decoding and
> recover data from our ground based payload. We are not flying the USRP
> onboard our satellite but want to use it for the in-field test of the
> ground based payload.
> Through-out the project we've been searching for any BPSK receiver
> (anything like: an off-the-shelve radio, add-on modules for existing
> radios, DIY radio kit or perhaps USRP and Gnu Radio). Nothing.
> Yes, I have searched this forum for previous posts (I found 89 threads on
> BPSK), none of them have a solution/design.
> I seriously doubt that making a regular BPSK receiver that goes
> all-the-way, i.e. recovers the transmitted data has ever been done. We
> haven't found any trace of anything be it commercial, research or DIY. 
> Desperate times calls for desperate measures.
> If you can make a BPSK receiver that will run in Gnu Radio (preferably GRC
> as I'm not a programmer) I will buy you a cake of your own choice from one
> of the internet cake delivery companies. If you want "1. prize details"
> have a look at our webpage with the offer:
> http://www.dtusat.dtu.dk/index.php?id=112
> Dead-line is 11. May 2009 - after that the conclusion is: BPSK is not an
> I.R.L. thing but merely a mathematical curiosa and we'll go for one of the
> more ordinary modulations. 
> Questions are off course welcome.
> PS: The transmitter run at 868 MHz.
> Cheers,
> René Fléron

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