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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] C++ source code location

From: Mattias Kjellsson
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] C++ source code location
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 12:27:46 +0100
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David Knox wrote:
> I built gnuradio using Synaptic and it seems to be operational.  I can change
> python and also change and compile C++ code for some UCLA Zigbee packet
> processing code just fine too.  Where should the C++ source code for the
> gnuradio routines themselves (e.g. gr blah blah) be located?  Reading a bit,
> it seems like the most likely root is /usr/local/ .  For example, if I
> wanted to find gr_pwr_squelch.cc (Josh Blum's code), where should I look?  A
> quick search in my directories after installation using find/locate didn't
> turn up anything.
The sources will be located in the place you specify when downloading
them using svn/git.
> I can see include files with the '.h' suffix and SWIG files (with the '.i'
> suffix).  However, I can't see the source files (which have a '.cc'
> suffix?).  Is there a way of seeing and being able to modify C++ source
> files using Synaptic (i.e. what module or set of modules or libraries do I
> include?) for configuration or is a build 'from scratch' required?  
> To be honest, I am not really too clear about the difference between
> building/installing from source files and the state of being able to
> subsequently change and build new gnuradio programs by modifying C++ source
> files.  Maybe I am missing some OO methodology (e.g. inheritance from other
> classes or ....) for doing this the right way.  However, the 'ready-to-go'
> gnuradio environment seems to favour python changes only.  Where are the
> compiled C++ object files located in this environment?
> For 'building and installing from source files', It seems from the
> documentation that the svn repository is the place to go (e.g. svn co
> http://gnuradio.org/svn/gnuradio/branches/releases/3.2 gnuradio).  I heard
> something about git being used as a repository also, but I can't really find
> much documentation about this.
Svn will do the trick... it has done so for me at least =;OP I think
there is a process in progress to switch to git, but I'm unsure about
when/if svn will stop work.
> My basic objective is to install gnuradio so that I can modify both C++ and
> python source code in a 9.04 Ubuntu environment.  The web page wiki at
> http://gnuradio.org/trac/wiki/UbuntuInstall claims to be 'outdated and in
> need of re-organization'.  I would be happy to do this work for the benefit
> of others like myself, .... if I knew exactly what I was doing ;-).  Any
> help or guidance would be appreciated.
I was able to compile and install gnuradio using the instructions for
ubuntu 9.04 on my desktop.

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