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[Discuss-gnuradio] variable transmission time of a single frequency

From: Affan Syed
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] variable transmission time of a single frequency
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 18:00:56 -0700

Basically, I am trying to send a single frequency tone for a specified duration (currently 5ms) whenever a user wants to send one. My current solution uses messages by basically sending a single byte of ones no matter what a person enters on the cmd line. I convert that byte to symbols (representing one due to my above hardcode) and add to it the frequency of transmission. I then use a fixed number of repeaters to extend this symbol and use that to ourput from a vco that particular frequency. I have the code at the end of my email. 

What I am observing is that there seems to be some fundamental limit to how short that tranmission can be. In my code below, I am trying to send an 18Khz tone for 5ms. However, no matter what I do:
 a) the transmitted signal lasts for ~10-11ms (from scope and wav file) 
b) not every key press generates the tone. I generally miss one or two keypress. This happens even if the keypress are well spaced in time. 

So two questions to the community. What could be causing such a behavior? and is there an alternative way to get a similar result than what I am currently doing?

Thank you. 



TONE_FREQ=18000 #hz
AUDIO_RATE=48000 #samples/sec
TONE_DUR=5/1000#in sec

# Main Graph
class tone_graph(gr.top_block):

    def __init__(self):
        audio_rate = AUDIO_RATE


        self.src = "" msgq_limit)


        src = "">


        b_to_syms = gr.bytes_to_syms()



#we know that there should always be just one byte of code 
        add = gr.add_const_ff(TONE_FREQ)


        repeater = gr.repeat(gr.sizeof_float,REPEAT_TIME)


        fsk_f = gr.vco_f(audio_rate, 2*pi,1.0)


        speaker = audio.sink(audio_rate);
        dst = gr.wavfile_sink("tone_tx.wav", 1, audio_rate, 16)




def main():


    fg = tone_graph()


    fg.start()                       # start flow graph


        while True:
            message = raw_input(" transmit a 5ms tone (Ctrl-D to exit): "

#make a one byte packet to indicate the tone transmission.
            pkt = struct.pack('B', 0xff)


            msg = gr.message_from_string(pkt)




    except EOFError:
        print "\nExiting."


# Main python entry
if __name__ == '__main__':
    except KeyboardInterrupt:

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