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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] MAC layer development and USRP2

From: George Nychis
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] MAC layer development and USRP2
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 19:39:09 -0400

Did you see my previous post about the accelerator PCIe card?  To some extent the Microsoft approach is what we're
doing.  But we want to stay compatible with USRP2 hardware so we connect GbE to the accelerator card; non MAC-related
dataflow is PCIe from there.  Buffering required to stay compatible with USRP2 software and high, sustained transfer
rates moves "right", to the accelerator card (which has a lot of memory).

Interesting, I didn't see this post.  I tried doing some googling for it but I couldn't turn up with it.  What was the subject of the post?
The real trick is software.  Our approach is that MAC-related code still appears in GNU radio source, but is marked
with pragmas (first something specific to our project, then OpenCL, then OpenMP) so that code actually runs on the
accelerator card (the TI multicore CPUs on the acclerator card run arbitrary C/C++ code so they're not limited like an
Nvidia or other GPU).  We plan to use our GNU radio interface to test results of a server acceleration project we're
doing for DoE. 

That's the long story... right now our short-term objective is the GbE-to-GbE USRP2 connection.

So right now you're trying to get low latency, but high throughput, between two USRP2's connected directly via GbE?  So you're not using the frontend? 

Maybe this is explained in your previous post, if so just point me to it ;)

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