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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Progress (NOT!) on Sheeva Plug Gnu Radio

From: Philip Balister
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Progress (NOT!) on Sheeva Plug Gnu Radio
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2010 08:25:44 -0400
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On 04/08/2010 08:23 AM, Marcus D. Leech wrote:
On 04/08/2010 07:50 AM, Philip Balister wrote:
On 04/08/2010 12:55 AM, Marcus D. Leech wrote:
I managed to get GRC up.

But when I try to run an application that uses anything graphic, it
segfaults, and dumps core, from
    deep within libdricore.so -- related to OpenGL, I think?

So, rip out the GUI stuff.

Use my 4-channel audio-type SID receiver without any GUI goop:

Continuous aOaOaOaOaO until I interrupt it.

The audio_to_file.py   example seems to work, though :-)

Do you think this would work as a remote data collector (USRP + plug)
feeding data over the network to a central PC? That might be useful
since it reduces the cost of the receiver nodes.


Too early to tell.  Apart from the above noted performance issues, it
seems deeply-broken on this platform
    as well. Further testing last night, after I started ripping
functionality out of my flow-graph until I got
   the aO down to a dull roar left me puzzled.

If there is any floating point, I suspect it won't work since FP is emulated on the plug.


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