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[Discuss-gnuradio] UHD + RFX2400 warning while running benchmark_rx_rate

From: John Orlando
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] UHD + RFX2400 warning while running benchmark_rx_rate
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2010 17:08:05 -0500

Hello all,
I'm trying to ramp up on the progress that the UHD has been making
lately.  Initially, I'm using the stable FPGA bitstream and firmware
binaries from July 6th, which can be downloaded from:


I got libuhd built, and after a bit of mucking around was able to get
uhd_find_devices to see my USRP2.

However, when I went to run benchmark_rx_rate with my USRP2 + RFX2400
(rev30, dated 12/2/2006), I'm seeing a warning where the dboard
doesn't seem to be recognized.  Here is a snippet of output from

address@hidden examples]# ./benchmark_rx_rate

Creating the usrp device with: ...
Target recv sock buff size: 50000000 bytes
Actual recv sock buff size: 131071 bytes

    The recv buffer is smaller than the requested size.
    The minimum recommended buffer size is 50000000 bytes.
    See the USRP2 application notes on buffer resizing.

Warning: unknown dboard-id or dboard-id combination: unknown (0xffff)
    -> defaulting to the unknown board type
Warning: unknown dboard-id or dboard-id combination: Flex 2400 MIMO B
TX (0x002b)
    -> defaulting to the unknown board type
Using: Unknown - unknown (0xffff)
Using: Unknown - Flex 2400 MIMO B TX (0x002b)
RX samples per packet: 362
TX samples per packet: 363
Recv pirate num frames: 89
Using Device: Simple USRP:
  Device: usrp2 device
  Mboard: usrp2 mboard0 - rev 4:0
  RX DSP: usrp2 ddc0
  RX Dboard: usrp2 dboard (rx unit)
  RX Subdev: Unknown - unknown (0xffff)
  TX DSP: usrp2 duc0
  TX Dboard: usrp2 dboard (tx unit)
  TX Subdev: Unknown - Flex 2400 MIMO B TX (0x002b)

OTesting receive rate 0.500000 Msps (10.000000 second run)

    Received packets: 13813
    Received samples: 5000306
    Lost samples: 0
    Lost packets: 0 (approximate)
    Sustained receive rate: 0.500000 Msps


Other than the fact that the socket buffers need to be increased, it
appears as though it works.  But the warning indicating (twice?) that
there is an unknown dboard-id/board type is concerning.  I've seen
traffic of other folks using UHD + the RFX2400, such as:


...so I'm fairly certain the RFX2400 is supported.  Any ideas as to
what the issue could be here?

Any insight is appreciated.

John Orlando
CEO/System Architect
Epiq Solutions

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