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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] GRC with two URSP2+DBSRX and UHD

From: bobb
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] GRC with two URSP2+DBSRX and UHD
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 05:05:50 +0000


  For this to work, one of the devices should provide its sync to the other 

  Unfortunately, this does NOT happen automatically. You need to configure one 
to drive its (reference) clock over the cable and the other to use the signal 
provided by the cable.

  This is pretty easy to do (but, I can only tell you how to do it in C++)...

  set_clock_config() in UHD 
  config_mimo() in Raw Enet/GnuRadio

  I'm sure there's some sort of equivalent in GRC, I just can't tell you what 
it is because I'm not familiar with that.

  Hope this helps,


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>Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] GRC with two URSP2+DBSRX and    UHD
>Hi Josh,
>Thanks for the reply. I am using a MIMO cable between both URSP2s, so I 
>thought that they sync automatically.
>I am not feeding a PPS to both devices, as I only need to run both 
>synchronously, but I don't need to sync them to outside references.
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>> From what I can tell, the times are not locked, samples cannot be
>> aligned, so there can be no output. Did you
>> http://www.ettus.com/uhd_docs/manual/html/usrp_nxxx.html#pps-pulse-per
>> > Warning:
>> >     Detected time deviation between board 1 and board 0.
>> >     Board 0 time is 490.997360 seconds.
>> >     Board 1 time is 318.628842 seconds.
>> > 
>> > OOUHD source block got error code 0x1
>> > gr_block_executor: source <gr_block uhd multi_usrp source (1)> 
>> > no output.  We're marking it DONE.|
>> > 
>> > 
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