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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] How UHD, GNURadio and USRP are bound together.

From: Florian Eugen
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] How UHD, GNURadio and USRP are bound together.
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2011 20:40:12 -0800 (PST)

Hi mr. Josh,
USRP is hardware
UHD is hardware driver
GNURADIO  a signal processing library and more
       Yes, I know that USRP is hardware, UHD is hardware driver and that GNURADIO is a signal processing library.

I am working on the documentation and collecting install files for other
dependencies. It was a rush because you asked. I would like to update
the files, but it seems my server is unreachable ATM...
      Thank you very much.

The %PATH% variable needs to contain paths to installed DLL files. The
installer does not do this automatically. So c:/program files/uhd/lib
c:/program files/gnuradio/lib etc
        I installed everything provided by you here http://www.ettus.com/downloads/gnuradio/.
        Regarding the %PATH%, I have provided the:
        I installed Python 2.7 and all other packages provided by you like numpy and others here e:\CodeCenter\Environment\Python27\Lib\site-packages\.
        After providing the PATHs I connected the USRP1 and I thought that it might work, and I tried the     e:\CodeCenter\Environment\UHD\bin\uhd_find_devices.exe, but nothing. Theoretically it should work, NO? Or maybe I don't have all the information I should know to make it start. I installed Qt as well, and it's looking quite nice.

UHD knows how to load images into the USRP1, so you just need to install
the images package and uhd takes care of the rest.
     Image folder path has to be specified in the %PATH% to be found by UHD. In the documentation it says that "Search compiled-in paths and environment variable paths for a specific image file with the provided file name."

Images can be downloaded here http://www.ettus.com/downloads/uhd_images/
    Thank you very much I already got the image (I downloaded the UHD-images-002.20110120060622.7d918c5-Linux.zip and got the usrp1_fpga.rbf file and I placed it into e:\CodeCenter\Environment\image\ folder that I specified in the %PATH%).

And some documentation:

      Thank you very much, I already read it.

Yes, I think it will be simpler to get started by learning about how to
make flow graphs in gnuradio with python.

You may also try python.exe c:/program files/gnuradio/bin/gnuradio-companion

     If I will succeed with starting this system I will strat with that. To tell you the truth I have never had so many problems with configuring something to make it work. Anyway that's true that if I were trying it under Linux it would have been much more easier. I hope that finally I will start it. Anyway as I mentioned before I will make a real world application (a PC + USRP talking to a few modules using different modulations and working on different frequencies). But before all these, I would like to be able to try a simple test program and see some waveforms, that's all, ater that I will play with it and find right solutions.

Unless you are building a C++ app, you dont need MSVC, you can make
great gnuradio apps in python.
     I planned to use Delphi XE to control UHD (get samples, configure USRP1 device) and use GNURadio functions to process data, use some database like Firebird to save data into and others, but if it will be required than I will be able to use Delphi Prism for .NET environment or Visual Studio (VC or C#), there's no problem. Yes I know that I could make great apps in python but as I mentioned before this will be a real world application and I don't think that python would be a good choice. Anyway for my application's customization I will use a scripting language to pass parameters to USRP.
     Thanks mr. Josh for your answers. I wish you a nice day.

Best reards,
Florian Eugen.

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