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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Problem with arguments in benchmark_tx and rx

From: sumitstop
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Problem with arguments in benchmark_tx and rx
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 13:39:18 -0700 (PDT)

I got a reply for this post by Nick Foster but its not showing here.Anyways I
am posting It here

Nick answered --- "So, first of all, you're using an attenuator, right? You
can't transmit directly from one RFX2400 into another without the
possibility of damaging the receiving RFX2400."

Nick .... I connected them using SMA-SMA cables.Does this mean that I have
damaged them already ?
I thought these cables will provide the required attenuation.

Anyways I have a general question..
I have two basic Tx and Rx daughter boards.
say I put the Transmitter daughter board on side A of USRP.Now the
Transmitter daughter board has two ports TX-A and TX-B. What should I write
for the arguments while running benchmark_tx.py
Iis  the following correct ............ 
Side A and TX-A ----> -T A:0
Side A and TX-B ----> -T A:1
Side B and TX-A ----> -T B:0
Side B and TX-B ----> -T B:1

sumitstop wrote:
> I am using USRP with RFX2400.
> Was trying with benchmark_tx and benchmark_rx 
> I connected RFX board to the B side of transmiter USRP and connected RFX
> board to the A side of receiver USRP.
> For connection I used SMA-SMA connector.
> With the help file I understood almost everything but how to specify the
> transmitter and receiver ports i.e.
> I connected SMA to TX/RX of transmitter (side B in USRP ) then is the
> following command correct .....
> ./benchmark_tx.py -f 2.45G --tx-amplitude=0.5 -v --show-tx-gain-range -T B
> And for receiver part I connected SMA to RX2 (side A of USRP) then is the
> following command correct.....
> ./benchmark_rx.py -f 2.45G -v --show-rx-gain-range -R A
> With these commands nothing happens at the receiver end.....I would like
> to know what things I missed/misunderstood :)
> I was playing well with the basix TX and Rx daughter boards but getting
> problems with RFX. 

Sumit Kr.
Research Assistant
Communication Research center
IIIT Hyderabad
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