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[Discuss-gnuradio] about UHD pgms running

From: shantharam balasubramanian
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] about UHD pgms running
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 17:56:55 -0400


I have to work on UHD gnuradio platform and this is the first time I
am gonna work with UHD. I just want to run some example
files in the examples folder, like tx_waveforms.cpp. I think I am
missing some commands or giving some wrong image file to the SD cards
used in the wireless nodes, where I am supposed to run the experiment.
Some of my friends there told me to image gnuradio-uhd-working.ndz. I
dont know if this is the correct image i have to use. I then followed
the following list of commands. Please tell me, if I am doing
something wrong there.

1) So first I imaged the file as:
 omf-5.2 load all gnuradio-uhd-working.ndz

2) ssh address@hidden
   i go into examples folder where the cpp files are present.

3)ifconfig eth2 up
  ifconfig eth2

4)g++ tx_waveforms.cpp -o tx -luhd -lboost_program_options


I then got the following error:

Creating the usrp device with: ...
Error: LookupError: KeyError: No devices found for ----->
Empty Device Address

is there something wrong in these cmds?
It would be great if you can let me know the mistake I am doing.

Thank you


Shantharam Balasubramanian
MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rutgers University

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