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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] problem in installing gnuradio

From: Marcus D. Leech
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] problem in installing gnuradio
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 10:36:52 -0500
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On 21/11/2011 10:07 AM, S Haque wrote:

I have a comment and a question about this advice, but probably I am parsing too much as a new user.


I recently tried to “sync” my development workstations (in my lab): Gnu Radio 3.5.0rc0 and UHD 3.3.1 which is installed and working very well on my principal development machine.


A few days later on another system totally different than my own, I tried to install new  development environments and initially chose NOT to use Marcus’ build script in full, but used its “gitfetch” function, followed by:


(cd to UHD directory)

(git checkout tag release_003_003_001)

(build-gnuradio with options to build only the UHD)


And then,


(cd to GNU radio directory)

(git checkout tag 3.5.0rc0)

(build-gnuradio with options to build only the GNU Radio)


All of these were on a updated Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. And while the UHD 3.3.1 system worked initially (uhd_find_device worked great), it broke immediately after gnu-radio was installed .. with a segmentation fault as the UHD installed now showed UHD_003.004.000 instead of UHD_003_003_001.  This IMHO is not what I expected, it should be possible to roll back (UHD, GnuRadio) to whatever version we wish to have, to test out older scripts..


Based upon a suggestion from a colleague, I later ran the build-gnuradio script in full and all is fine for now, albeit two different foundation framework.


3.5.0rc0 + UHD 3.3.1

3.5.0rc0 + UHD 3.4.0


But, may I ask the developers to explain the reasoning for this behavior of an install script that was run on two similar machines separated by only four days? What can we do, explicitly, to choose particular <matching> distributions of Gnuradio and UHD, so we don’t end up having several versions of the codebase which may have different classes of bugs. What is your recommended strategy for regression testing, or synching the various development environments ?






The "build" parts of build-gnuradio assume that the source directories are a totally-virgin "clone", so they don't bother doing a
  "make clean" before doing the rest of it, which probably explains why you ended up with 003_004_000 instead of the expected

But if you're going to go to the trouble of doing a "git checkout" by hand, then you can simply "cd" to the "build" directory, then
  do a:

make clean; make; sudo make install

Without the build-gnuradio script at all.

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