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[Discuss-gnuradio] GR Conference Recording?

From: Dan CaJacob
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] GR Conference Recording?
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2012 23:58:26 -0400

Is the any possibility that the GR conference could be video-recorded?  I will 
not be able to attend this year and I would selfishly like to see the talks 

Last year, the audio recordings were great, especially since it was the 
conefrence's first year.  There are so many that I'd like to see that don't 
even go that far.

There is an outfit called NextDayVideo (http://nextdayvideo.com/), which I 
assume many other pythonistas are aware of.  They seem to be doing the video 
recording for many of the Python conferences, including PyCon and others.  You 
can find the videos on YouTube and they seem to do an excellent job of 
balancing focus between the presenter and the presentation screen itself.  Code 
and graphics are always very clear.

Their website covers their range of services.  Videos are edited live, so there 
is very little lag between the talk itself and posting.  For lower budgets, 
they offer training to confence staff and let them shoot the video themselves.

I am conscious of the fact that this would be an additional expense and all 
that entails.  I, speaking for myself, would be willing to pay an 
e-registration fee (comparable to the conference registration fee itself) of 
some kind to help subsidize the cost.  Would others feel the same way?

Obviously, I'd like to attend in person.  I am sure others would too, but 
similarly have other obligations that make it impossible.  Perhaps this could 
also grow the GR community and bring more attention to the confence in the 
future?  There seem to be more videos every year and I know I have benefited 
from them.  The GR Conference seems to be a great opportunity to grab some new 

I apologize if this sounds like a sales pitch.  As I said, I am just selfishly 
trying to attend the conference in any way I can.  If it helps other too - 


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