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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Spectrum sensing with RLT-SDR on Android WITHOUT

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Spectrum sensing with RLT-SDR on Android WITHOUT Gnu Radio
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 20:04:44 +0100
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Hi Przemek,
well, since this is the open source world, you shouldn't need to write
everything from scratch.
You can of course start off with Martin Marinov's source code,
which will give you an tcp server serving samples (the code says it's
a port of rtl_tcp from the rtl-sdr package); from there on it's java
all the way down ;)
However, I'd expect the average smartphone not to be the device you'd
want to do FFT on, in Java, which doesn't even offer you access to
your own memory, but then again I have no clue about android and if it
offers any accelerators for stuff like that. Googling FFT Java turned
up quite a bit, so I think you'd might be in luck ;) Generally, as I
understand the situation with rtl_tcp_andro, you'll need C code to
interact with the device (makes sense to me) and then you're free to
use basically every C lib (and most probably even C++) you want within
the restriction imposed by hardware and android, which, for signal
processing, shouldn't be harsh.

So: Happy hacking,
Marcus Müller

On 12.02.2014 17:37, Przemysław Pawełczak wrote:
> Hello,
> This is my first post to this mailing list and my apologies if I
> ask a lame/irrelevant question. Unfortunately, me and my hacking
> friend could not find the answer to the issue we are trying to
> solve (Google, etc.) so here is my post.
> We want to implement the most fundamentally simple spectrum
> sensing algorithm (energy detector for example) directly on Android
> device, where our raw I/Q samples are gathered through RTL-SDR
> dongle ( http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/rtl-sdr).
> Yes, we are aware of http://sdr.martinmarinov.info - but this is
> not what we want. What we want is a set of functions (FFT, etc.)
> that will do the signal processing/signal detection directly on
> Android. Thus - we don't want (wish we could) any Gnu Radio
> wrappers. Ideally - we look for Java-based implementation of the
> thing described above.
> Thus - is there anything out there that we can use or we need to
> write all from scratch?
> Best regards, Przemek
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