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[Discuss-gnuradio] Video Streaming

From: Syed Aqeel Raza
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Video Streaming
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 18:32:06 +0800


I am trying to stream a video over a wireless network using UDP protocol. For that, I started tests in the following sequence:

Test 1: VLC ---- VLC

Test 2: VLC ---- Gnuradio (using udp source and udp sink blocks only) ---- VLC

Test 3: VLC ---- Gnuradio (with a complete communication model (e.g. mod/demod)) ---- VLC

Test 4: VLC ---- Gnuradio ---- USRPs (multiple) ---- VLC 

Test 1 completed successfully and the streamed video quality is perfect at the receiver end. Whereas, in test 2, test 3 and test 4 I've successfully got the streamed video at the receiver end but the quality is not good (it's even more degraded when shift to the higher test levels). During the testing a warning message appeared on gnuradio console i.e. Too much data; packet loss.

I tried to resolve this issue by adjusting the factors like payload size and sampling rate but nothing works. The flowcharts and the video are attached here for reference.

Furthermore, can anyone give me a hint that how can I check the parameters like throughput, packet delay and SNR.

Kindly assist me and point out the mistake I've made, waiting for earliest reply. Thanks.

Syed Aqeel Raza

Attachment: Experience Clay-Jenni Ward, Clay Artist, Ceramics and Pottery.mp4
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