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[Discuss-gnuradio] RFC: Updates to GNU Radio Wiki

From: Martin Braun
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] RFC: Updates to GNU Radio Wiki
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 09:59:19 -0600
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Hi everyone,

as you may remember, we had some announcements regarding the GNU Radio
website a while back. The plan was to create a new front-end website
outside of the wiki, that looks nice and can host static content etc.,
and then move away from Redmine and replace the issue tracker, wiki etc.

The former part has been implemented for quite a while, thanks to Ben
Hilburn, and we now have a nice orange website with a blog etc. However,
as you may have noticed, we're still on Redmine. There's several reasons
for this: Firstly, and most importantly, we don't have a lot of
volunteers on the web front, so pretty much all of the work falls into
the hands of Johnathan Corgan, who is also CTO of GNU Radio and our
chief architect. The second, and more subtle, issue is that we're not
entirely sure what the best solution would be.

Currently, we're using a mix of github and Redmine. Already, that's
confusing to some people, because we have our issues on Redmine, but
pull requests on github. So, here's a couple of options we could go with
in the future:

== Do nothing. Keep Redmine and github as-is. ==
* Costs us no time. We already have it.
* Redmine is annoying to maintain.
* The Redmine/github split is confusing.

== Move everything to github, including the wiki. ==
* Costs us little time. We only need to export the issues and wiki pages
to github and then we can nuke Redmine.
* github will run the website for us.
* The github wiki is not too popular. The page is cluttered, and people
have raised (valid) concerns about all of our content being hosted by
some random company whom we happen to trust with our code.

== Move everything to github, except the wiki. ==
To clarify: Bugs/Issues, pull requests, milestones, code reviews are
done on github.
* Easy transition from what we have right now.
* Issues and pull requests are in the same place.
* We still need a decision about which wiki software to use -- keep
Redmine, or switch to something else (e.g. gitlab)?

== Move everything to gitlab, which we host ourself ==
* We have full control over everything.
* We have full control over everything. Lots of work!

This Friday, I will have a discussion about this with whoever is
interested at the GRCon developer's day, but I'd like to give people who
are not in Boulder this week a chance to voice their opinions (the final
decision will be made by Johnathan and myself).

Note that there could be good suggestions outside of the ones listed
above, and the final solution could also be between one of those. I'm
interested to hear all of them!


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