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T1 font support in xgps

From: Wim Oudshoorn
Subject: T1 font support in xgps
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 14:44:00 +0100

Now that I finally came around of organizing my own internet
account I can start doing something usefull.

For a while my prototype T1 font support is lying around at home.
(Just having a few hours now and than is not making it easy
to get keep things going).

So people who are interested in direct T1 font support could
take a look at


But before I am going to finish this and
submit the changes for evaluation there are quite a few questions
that need to be answered.

I will try to make a document about the font issues this week
(perhaps this weekend).

But before I do that I would like to know if people have a
like or dislike for antialiased fonts?

If everyone dislikes it it will simplify some problems.
NOTE:  I will never make antialiased fonts the only choice,
        so don't panic.

Wim Oudshoorn.

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