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Re: RE: GNUstep 0.6.6 core on OpenBSD 2.7

From: xlaxon
Subject: Re: RE: GNUstep 0.6.6 core on OpenBSD 2.7
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 11:59:58 -0500

Ok, thank you very much.  I installed the 2.8 snapshots last night, and I will 
try again this afternoon.

Just for note, the Foundation Kit compiles and works great, xdgs and the AppKit 
are the only things I seemed to have trouble with.  (I downloaded each file 

Thanks again!

Christian Edward Gruber <address@hidden> wrote:

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>I'm in the process of _attempting_ to get OpenBSD to run GNUstep.
>Unfortunately, it requires OpenBSD 2.8, as shared libs for objective-c
>are broken in 2.7 and previous.
>I'll post to this list when it is working, though I suspect not for a
>month or so.
>Compile static if you want to make it work as a hack.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: address@hidden
>[mailto:address@hidden Behalf Of xlaxon
>Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2000 4:31 PM
>To: address@hidden
>Subject: GNUstep 0.6.6 core on OpenBSD 2.7
>I'm trying to get GNUstep-core 0.6.6 compiled on OpenBSD 2.7.
>It works for a while, then gives the following:
>u-xgps/libgnustep-base_s.a(NSTask.o): RRS text relocation at 0x193988
>for "___objc_class_name_Protocol"
>u-xgps/libgnustep-base_s.a(NSValue.o): RRS text relocation at 0x1a4738
>for "___objc_class_name_Protocol"
>mkdir -p example.service/Resources
>objc runtime: cannot find class Object
>Abort (core dumped)
>gmake[4]: *** [example.service/Resources/Info-gnustep.plist] Error 1
>gmake[3]: *** [example.build] Error 2
>gmake[2]: *** [example.all.svc.variables] Error 2
>gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/null/gstep-core-0.6.6/gui/Tools'
>gmake[1]: *** [internal-all] Error 2
>gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/null/gstep-core-0.6.6/gui'
>gmake: *** [subproj-all] Error 2
>What am I doing wrong?  I did ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/GNUstep,
>and thats it.
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