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Re: [Q] GSWComponentContent Problem

From: mirko . viviani
Subject: Re: [Q] GSWComponentContent Problem
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 21:42:02 +0000

You wrote:

> Mirko reported the same problem. I didn't found the time to try (I haven't a
running version now).
> The 1st idea I had is that XML/HTML parser add a <html><body> when it doesn't
find one.
> The code is in GSWeb.framework/GSWTemplateParserXML.m. You can try to put
traces to see what is generated by XML/HTML
> parse for the subcomponent.. If this is the problem, you can try o see if
there is an option in libxml to avoid this.
> If not, may be libxml author can add such option, else
GSWeb.framework/GSWTemplateParserXML.m should be modified to
> handle this case (I don't know exactly how).

In fact... I haven't found the time to look around the problem and I don't
know how to fix it yet... :( apart using the older antlr parser.


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