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GNUStep Grab.app

From: ian . mondragon
Subject: GNUStep Grab.app
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 10:18:37 -0600

All -

  In my never-ending pursual of creating a pure GNUstep environment, I have
discovered yet another tool to add to my current list of development
projects;  I'm going to create a GNUstep app to wrap around xwd and xwud, to
serve as our own version of NeXT's Grab.app, which will include the ability
to convert the images to a variety of formats, such as jpg, tif, xpm, etc.

  Please let me know if anyone has a similar project in the works/already
done so that I can either cease and desist <grin> or help out.



PS - I finally got my DSL a few weeks ago and am setting up my webserver
this weekend, so http://www.dragonhelix.org will be a *real* site (dedicated
mainly to Objective-C) within the next couple of weeks...as opposed to the
temporary garbage that it is at the moment. Stop by occasionally and please
give me any feedback/suggestions as I would love nothing more than to
provide the GNUstep community with a solid resource.


Ian Mondragon
System Engineer
Bank of America [Chicago]       address@hidden

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