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PNG icons no way!

From: Laurent Julliard
Subject: PNG icons no way!
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 18:11:44 +0200

I'm running through Nicola's excellent GNUstep tutorial and while
working on the MyApplication test (the one with just a "quit" menu item)
I had the silly idea to produce of piece of art and decided to create an
icon for my first great app :-)

I stored the icon in MyApp.png as suggested int tutorial but when I
started the application GNUstep complained that it does not recognized a
TIFF resource (and for good reason...). Error is:

Jun 11 17:49:58 MyApp[13181] Tiff Error (TiffData) Not a TIFF file, bad
magic number 20617 (0x5089)
Jun 11 17:49:58 MyApp[13181] Tiff unable to open/parse TIFF data

Is this normal? Did I miss something when I compiled GNUstep? (libpng is
available on my machine) or is it just a typo in the tutorial and
GNUstep only knows about TIFF icons anyway.

Of course converting my PNG image to TIFF makes GNUstep perfectly happy.

Thanks for all your help.


PS: I'm afraid it's not the last time I bother this mailing list. Hope I
won't double the usual traffic :-))))

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