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gnustep compared to other toolkits

From: Björn Gohla
Subject: gnustep compared to other toolkits
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 23:40:12 +0200

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i am relatively new to gnustep, so please excuse my lack of insight. 
nevertheless did it occur to me that gnustep seems to draw relatively little 
interest by application developers, compared to gnome or kde. though i relize 
the comparison is a bit unfair, since the kde project started out with a 
ready-made commercially produced toolkit. considering openstep is rather 
mature and thus presumeably well known api, i wonder why there are so few 
people developing gnustep software. 
one thing that i come across every day is interoperability of different 
desktop environments. so i try to use software that fits together, like 
trying to use gnome programs when using gnome and unsing kde programs when 
using kde, i try to avoid stuff that does not match. visually as well as 
functionally. so for instance while all kde programs will keep away from 
underneath the task bar, programs written for other toolkits partly disappear 
behind the taskbar, when placed on the screen. i suppose improving 
interaction of gnustep with other toolkits could make it more attractive for 
apart from that reasonable would it be to make gnustep "skinnable", enable it 
to use different look and feels (i would'nt mind aqua ;) ). 

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