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quo vadis gnustep? (was Re: GNUstep version number(s) (was: Re: GNUstep

From: Björn Gohla
Subject: quo vadis gnustep? (was Re: GNUstep version number(s) (was: Re: GNUstep article (was: Re:gnustep compared to other toolkits)))
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 00:57:07 +0200

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On Thursday 28 June 2001 00:09, M. Grabert wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Laurent Julliard wrote:
> > I fully agree with you Dennis. I came to GNUstep my self a couple of
> > weeks ago after years spent on KDE and Gnome. I'm very skeptical about
> > the evolution of both : KDE is really heavy and Gnome is flaky. Plus
> > they lack conciseness and simplicity.
> I agree with you in some other way:
> I also think that the evolution of both KDE and GNOME will slow down
> in the next years. One reason is, that there is no real competition
> anymore. For the first years of GNOME and KDE, developers were quite
> enthusiastic and there was some kind of hype, but not know anymore.
> Another reason is that many new features require to completly redesign
> some libraries (e.g. unicode support for GNOME) which slows down the
> development and is annoying for both developers and users.
> Moreover both KDE and GNOME are quite usuable now, and many people
> got used to their bugs/missing features/odd behaviors. My feeling
> is that GNOME/KDE are like Windows 95 in that way. The main
> improvements of Windows >95 are in stability and in the integration
> of apps like IE into the OS. I don't think that KDE is getting faster in
> the future, nor GNOME is getting homogenous.
> > I think there is a real opportunity for GNUstep here. Make it easy,
> > simple and elegant.
> of course! but since the GUI developed since the last days of NeXT,
> we should make enhancements to the Workdesk. E.G. fully integration
> of internet services (ftp, http) to the GNUstep GUI etc.
> Moreover themes and nifty feature is what people want.

those inet protocols should really be implemented at os level ;) once the 
hurd is in general use nobody will want to have those protocols within their 
apps anymore.
i don't know about themes and all that, it i kind of suspect that all the 
fancy graphics is going to make it just as heavy as kde.
one good thing about kde themes though is that now even my kde apps look a 
bit like openstep 8)

> just 0.1 euro ? it's less than 1 cent! Moreover small Euro-money is
> also called cent, so ...
> just my 2 (euro-)cents ;)
sounds like cheap talk ;)

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