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Problems with Fonts, and xdps

From: Charles Philip Chan
Subject: Problems with Fonts, and xdps
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 07:15:44 -0400

Hello fellow listers:

Two days ago I compiled and install the CVS version of GNUstep with no
problems. However I am having some problems running apps:

          (1) There is no font list in the fonts panel. The only font
              that is showing up is Helvatica in the preview area.

          (2) When backspacing in an entry field vertical black lines
              shows up instead of blanks.

          (3) I had no problem showing the Fiend in GWorkspace.app the
              first time, now it is replaced by a white square.

          (4) The xgps backend works fine, but I have problems with
              xdps. The menu, main app window and mini window is replaced
              with blank white space. Although sometimes I do see
              strips of grey showing up in the menu.

Have anyone else experienced these problems?

A Linux machine! because a 486 is a terrible thing to waste!
(By address@hidden, Joe Sloan)

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