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Re: Latin2 default font

From: Marko Mikulicic
Subject: Re: Latin2 default font
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 16:52:57 -0400
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Stevo Crvenkovski wrote:

Now I need a quick hack. I'm able to display latin2 text now but
textfields simply don't want to accept the accented chars (to hex: e6 e9
b9 be c8 f0 ae c6 d0 a9, char: éæ¾¹ðÈÆ®©Ð (mozilla maybe screws up)).
As you see the latin1 "AE","(C)","(R)","\'E" and other valid latin1
symbols are not accepted when I set xkb to sl (slovenian).
When I use swiss keymap the key for "\'e" (è) is displayed as "\vc",
because they have the same value. I seems that it does no conversion for
output but somehow filters/convert the input keystrokes based upon the
current keymap (I thought X should do that).
(I tried with GSTest->Keyboard input test, and textfields).

Can you tell me where to look and hack to avoid this conversion. I'd
like at least to fool it both at input & output that it's handling
latin1 but with fonts remapped.

Strings are converted from Unicode to 8bit acording to default
should be set to corespond with your default font.

It does. But this doesn't help. Fonts are displayed correctly
but I can't type accented chars in a NSText. It seems that they
are filered out.

What is the flow of information from the X event queue to the NSText ?

What charset do you use ?




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