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Re: NSPopUpButton

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: NSPopUpButton
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 09:27:27 -0600
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Fred Kiefer wrote:

We should take care to produce the least surprising results. And this
would be to send the action always from the same object. For GNUstep
this cannot be the NSMatrix, as we currently don't use one in our
implementation of NSMenu. (Should we? Nicola, you are an expert on
NSMatrix, would there be any benefit in switching from our current
NSMenuView implementation into one that uses a NSMatrix?)
But before we decide on any final solution, I still would like to here
the MacOSX behaviour. Could anyone with access to MacOSX ask Georg for
his test program and report the results on this mailing list?

I've noticed that NSMatrices control a lot about the cells they contain, including drawing the cells (or at least the drawing is optimized so there is no lockFocus between drawing different cells). But I'm probably digressing.

I think the action should come from the NSPopUpButton. I always though it was odd in NeXTStep when this didn't happen.

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