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Re: NSPopUpButton

From: Georg Fleischmann
Subject: Re: NSPopUpButton
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 19:54:23 +0100

Hi Axel, Hi Fred,

>> Could anyone with access to MacOSX ask Georg for
>> his test program and report the results on this mailing list?
>send it to me and I can try it out.

Actually, I have used the app, which I am porting to GNUstep,
but now I have modified the popup example to do the tests.
The attached source has two popups, one with the action set to
NSPopupButton and one with the action on menu items.
It NSLogs the sender of the action.

Running the app on GNUstep will show most of the problems with popup buttons:
- disabled items in one of the popup menus
- returned index is wrong


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