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Re: ANNOUNCE: Request For Proposals

From: Andy Ruder
Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE: Request For Proposals
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 17:11:59 -0500
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        I am a newcomer to GNUstep.  I think the biggest thing that would help 
GNUstep is documentation.  I know that when I first began using Objective-C, if 
it weren't for those two or three people in #objc on irc.openprojects.net, I 
would have never made it.  Sure, there is a little documentation on Objective-C 
in general on the internet, but nothing really up-to-date.  I find myself 
mucking through the GNUstep code way too much to see how things work, and I 
know that would scare many beginners away.  Objective-C, imho, is a very easy 
programming language to learn and to use and its very powerful, but more 
up-to-date documentation has to exist for it to gain popularity.
        My 2nd idea is simply the same thing that Nahuel said, get some binary 
packages going and you will probably find popularity skyrocketing.  I know that 
unless I was interested in actually developing with GNUstep, there is no way I 
would go through the pain of making the whole library just to run other 
people's applications.  

        I must say though, I am -=very=- impressed by the amount of work that 
has went into GNUstep.  Its quite an impressive and mostly complete set of 
libraries.  Anyways, back to hacking out my first GNUstep program.

        -- Andy Ruder

By the way, feel free to join us few people on the #objc and #gnustep channels 
on irc.openprojects.net, there's usually only about 5 people in there, and I 
think one of them is a bot, so yea, anyways, there's my two cents.

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