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Re: evangilizing Mac developers

From: Martin Brecher
Subject: Re: evangilizing Mac developers
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 01:55:46 +0200
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Just a quick one now: What about creating a gnustep mailing list intended for cross platform developers? (e.g. discuss current issues with porting from gstep to os x and vice versa etc)

Such a mailinglist could be especially advertised towards OS X developers and could make GNUstep more attractive to them (proper support is a major requirement for developers especially for those new to Cocoa/OpenStep I guess)

And they would really know that we do care about them.


Aurelien wrote:

I was just wondering why you guys didn't take more advantage of the growing community of mac os x developers to have more apps developed for GNUstep.

What a waste of resources ! All those developers out there who use practically the same API's ! And the resulting software is locked !

I've read several messages on address@hidden from people who are questioning about the current state of GNUstep. I think it would be great to have an url at hand to throw them. Some page that could be named something like "Jump to GNUstep" ;-)

An article in last month Wired magazine is literaly burying Linux desktop efforts. The author says Linux simply isn't a desktop platform, so linux developers shouldn't even bother and instead should concentrate on more server-oriented initiatives. I personally think the current lack of solid desktop apps for linux is largely due to the scarce availability of good, well-known frameworks.

*step is becoming more and more a known platform and I think it's really sad that Linux doesn't get real benefits from this. GNUstep should also be FAR more easy to install...

I think this list should reward initiatives that foster better communication between Mac developers and GNUstep developers.

I also think that Mac developers could be reluctant to port their apps to GNUstep given its dull appearance (compared to Aqua, that is). Appropriate theme-ing can improve the appearance of GNUstep apps to some extend, and maybe a better default theme could make current screenshots more sexy.


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