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GWorkspace - next steps

From: LHelldorf
Subject: GWorkspace - next steps
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 00:30:00 +0100

GWorkspace is running on Mac OS X now, but it is buggy. The first noticeable 
thing is that it just doesn't look right: interface elements such as 
buttons, popup menus etc are misplaced, wrong sized or both. I understand 
that GWorkspace is currently using GNUsteps layout. But instead of 
introducing some sort of hardcoded Mac OS X layout into GWorkspace like it 
is done with the GNUstep layout GWorkspace uses. I'd rather use .nib files 
(o.k. they actually are folders ;-) for that purpose. 

Now what do you think of the idea to "nibify" GWorkspace? Are nibs - or in 
that case - gmodels supported well enough under GNUstep? Has somebody else 
some experience using nibs/gmodels under GNUstep to share (Wasn't 
GNUMail.app using gmodels or am I wrong here?)?

My idea is to start with the menus, since they don't have a title (Mac OS 
X has a menu bar at the top of the screen as opposed to GNUsteps window 
like menus) some menus exist twice (for instance "Preferences": once 
disabled under the application menu (That stems from Cocoa, as every 
application seems to have it there. It must get automatically created 
somehow.) and second under the first menu from the left - working this 
time) or menus aren't in the place were a (Mac) user would expect them. I 
could create the nibfile which holds the menu for GWorkspace and then 
translate it into a gmodel using nib2gmodel (which doesn't compile right now), 
which then has to be adapted to the 
GNUstep layout by hand.

Of course nibification will be a step by step process, not changing to 
much a one time.

Another strange thing using GWorkspace under Mac OS X is, that if I double 
click a folder in GWorkspace's Icon View, a Finder (Finder, that is Mac OS 
X's "Workspace Manager" although not written in Objective-C, but Carbon, 
the renewed Mac OS Toolbox) Window with that folders content opens. It 
seems I don't get no more than one workspace window to open under 
GWorkspace. Is this a bug or should it be this way?

O.k. that's enough for now. Some bugs (also crashes) remain, more on that 

Greetings, Lars

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