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Re: GWorkspace - next steps

From: LHelldorf
Subject: Re: GWorkspace - next steps
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 20:24:04 +0100

>Well, the next week I'll begin to work on this and I'll add you as a
>developer on savannah.


>Well, I could pay ~$500 for a working mac; the problem is that, *here*, I
>can't find such a machine...

I could get a used Mac for you if you want. Then I would send you some 
offers from a local second hand newspaper, you would reply me which one 
you are interested in and I would try to buy that machine (given it is 
still available) and send it to you via certified mail or something alike 
after you sent me the money. Easy, isn't it!

>I'm Italian but I live here.

I was several times in Romania, mostly transiting to Bulgaria and one time 
"pure" Romania: hiking through the Fagaras mountains. Nice country and 
friendly people but very poor. But this was a long time ago: 1989. Is it 
still so hard to live there?


Greetings, Lars

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