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Re: White background in icons and WM integration

From: cehardin
Subject: Re: White background in icons and WM integration
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 23:24:17 -1000

On Monday, December 3, 2001, at 11:14 PM, Richard Frith-Macdonald wrote:

On Tuesday, December 4, 2001, at 05:24 AM, address@hidden wrote:

This is am issue I'm watching closely. I'm currently working on a gnustep distyribution called Simply GNUstep which I hope will be as easy to use and as integrated as OpenStep is (using linux kernel).

As such, I am looking into and seriously considering the idea of creating a new graphical back-end which is tied to the framebuffer device via the directfb project. As such, WindowMaker will not be used, and a seperate Dock application will have to be written.

If the GNUstep code had direct ties to X11, then this will involve some modification.

The X backend libraries obviously have ties to X ... however, those ties are as small as we can practically
make them, and the xgps backend should provide a good starting point for any other backend implementation
(though you would need to mostly rewrite it of course).
The main gui library is completely independent of the backend used, and should not need any modification
(in theory).

If I proceeded with the new backend, I would definitely draw upon the xgps sources as a reference. Just from glancing at the source, I can see that xgps probably used xdps as a reference as well (or vice-versa)

Could somebody point me in the right direction as to where this reliance on WMaker resides in the GNUstep source tree?

See core/xgps/Source/SharedX

There isn't really any window maker dependency ... but there is code to make use of window-maker specific
features, to tell window maker how to behave nicely with the GNUstep app. This allows window maker to be
better behaved than other window managers are.

I see, that's great, I was concerned that the dependencies were in the gui library itself. Thanks!

As a final note, the directfb project marshals the graphical requests from processes in the shared library itelf, not in a separate process. I honestly don't understand how this can be done (their cvs server is messed up right now so I can't check the source). Anyhow,, I may need to create a lightweight window manager (just like Mac OS X) if their implementation is not adequate.

If anybody has not heard of the directfb project, I recommend you check it out at www.directfb.org
It has some really fantastic features, like MMX accelerated alpha-blending ( a good thing to have for gnustep).

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