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Re: White background in icons and WM integration

From: Chris B . Vetter
Subject: Re: White background in icons and WM integration
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 14:31:40 -0800

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001 17:12:20 -0500
"Adam Fedor" <address@hidden> wrote:
> That's really going it alone. Perhaps when we have the same market
> share as Gnome we can do that...

Good point.

> Really, there's no reason for this. No matter what WM we work with
> (even if it's written in ObjC) we'll most likely communicate using 
> X protocols. The ones Window Maker has are pretty good, and some

How else?

> other, even more standard ones are being developed.  It's more than
> feasible that GNUstep can do everything it wants using the protocols
> that are already in place.

Hmm, I guess the question I'm actually asking is, wouldn't then
pre-defined (X11) atoms suffice?

> > What is XGWM_NET supposed to be??? (XGGeneric.h, XGWMProtocols)
> From the new extended window manager hints specs being developed by
> Gnome and KDE. It's my attempt to get GNUstep to work with other
> WMs. Perhaps I should change the name to EWMH.

Ah, _NET is kind of misleading ... Thanks


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