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Re: NSPasteboard on X, what to do?

From: Robert Slover
Subject: Re: NSPasteboard on X, what to do?
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002 04:53:05 -0500

Just a comment...with the caveat that I've never actually used
more than one simultaneous screen with X, but I was under the
understanding that in X, display != screen.

>From the Xlib intro in the Gettys book:

The X Window System supports one or more screens containing overlap-
ping windows or subwindows.  A screen is a physical monitor and hardware,
which can be either color, grayscale or monochrome.  There can be multiple
screens for each display or workstation.  A single X server can provide display
services for any number of screens.  A set of screens for a single user with one
keyboard and one pointer (usually a mouse) is called a display.

So I had always assumed that in a multi-screen environment (Xinerama?) there
was still only one DISPLAY variable per user session.  If that assumption is
correct, that seems to be the thing to group by, and in that case I don't see 
there's anything special to be done to support multiple screens.  It seems like
each backend should have some idea of what a user session key might be, for
X it is DISPLAY, and the pasteboard server should be set up uniquely per
session key.  If my understanding is naive, please correct me.


> > The aspect of this I've never been so happy about is the 'all'
> > What about a multi-screened, multi-keyboarded machine with more than
> > one user.  Do both users share the same pasteboard server?
> > I think ideally not.  Each user would get their own server (to which
> > they save data)
> Exactly! this is the problem.

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