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Solved: command line windows

From: Pete French
Subject: Solved: command line windows
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 20:34:18 +0000

Thanks for those who offered help and advice on my odd CLI windows application.
I finally came up with a solution to both the window visibility and the
lost drawing problem. For those who are interested it goes like this:

1) To make the window appear you need to sent it an "orderFrontRegardless"
   method, mark its contnet view as dirty, then ask the window to
   displayIfNeeded and use flushGraphics on the current context.

2) To do drawing in the window which does not vanish you must make sure the
   contentView of the window returns "YES" to isOpaque! This can be done with
   a tiny line subclass. then you can lock focus, draw, and flush as above
   and it all works fine.

This method is portable across the different OpenStep systems as well (with
the exception of replacing the flushGraphics with PSWait() as ususal).


-bat. [in the hopes this might help someone else...

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