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Patches for poll-based NSRunLoop

From: Kaelin Colclasure
Subject: Patches for poll-based NSRunLoop
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 18:38:46 -0800

I now have a version of NSRunLoop that uses poll(2) instead of
select(2).  It has been lightly tested in my benchmarking application,
and exhibits no obvious problems handling OTOO 10000 file
descriptors. I have also verified that the select code still works by
manually overriding the HAVE_POLL define and recompiling.

I think one responder to my original post on this topic commented that
the changes should be ``trivial.'' I would instead say
``straightforward'' as there are enough differences between the
semantics of select and poll to keep things interesting. :-)

What's the accepted way to submit this for the consideration of the
GNUstep maintainers? Should I post a patch here? The bug list? Or is there
another list I should join?

-- Kaelin

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