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RE: Gorm too complex ? [long]

From: Bissell, Tim
Subject: RE: Gorm too complex ? [long]
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 15:45:19 -0000

> From: "Peron, Stéphane" [mailto:address@hidden
> Ok ...thanks Tim for your explanations ....
> Imagine that I have created a graphic object that is 
> naturally not providen
> by Gorm .....
> Can I use Gorm in this case ?

In a word ... maybe!  This was a bit of a weak point in
InterfaceBuilder; GORMs NeXT predecessor.  GNUstep has two types of
graphic objects, NSCells and NSViews (split is for performance reasons).
If you are not interested in what your View looks like, just where it is
on the screen, you can use a 'CustomView' as a placeholder for it, and
connect it to other objects in your interface. This means that your custom
object gets created with a
'[[{CustomClass} alloc] initWithFrame:{frameRect}]'

If you want to have a
functional, visible GUI object in your interface,  you have to write a
helper class for your View, plus an inspector class + interface to
allow you to alter the state of the GUI object, just like you do with
standard buttons etc.  I don't know how this is supported in GORM, but
at least the source code is available as an example!



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