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Re: a question using performv

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: a question using performv
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 11:11:08 -0700
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]d wrote:


I am wondering if the usage of
               target performv:_cmd :__builtin_apply_args()];

The gcc __builtin functions are not really portable (they are essentially broken on non-ix86 machines), but they should work for simple cases, at least.

I'm not sure why you want to implement a class that could act as it's own delegate, but I might suggest an alternate implementation with an 'Invocation' class (like GNUstep's NSInvocation) with a target set to 'MyClass' which actually does the work. Then in Invocation, you can just implement forward::

- (retval_t) forward:(SEL)aSel :(arglist_t)argFrame
 if (target)

    return [target performv: aSel : argFrame];

int main()
  MyClass *x1 = [[[Myclass alloc] init]setIden:1];
  Invcation *invoke = [[Invocation alloc] initWithTarget: x1];
  [invoke printnumber:123 :456];

The internal functionality of forward:: still uses the __builtin functions, though.

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