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Re: Introduction, and Proposed GSFH.

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Introduction, and Proposed GSFH.
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 11:28:40 +0000 (GMT)

> http://www.linuxstep.org/documentation/GNUstepFH.html

Thanks - I immediately applied what I could do without any harm - I
renamed 'Apps' to 'Applications'.

For the rest, your layout proposal is quite clean, with only Applications,
Tools and Library (containing everything else) in the top-level dir - but
the problem is that it would involve moving everything from
Libraries/Resources, and Headers and Makefiles, into Library/ (this is
actually the main change) and since I know that particular issue causes
terrible flamewars (it caused many in the past), and that there is
absolutely no agreement on Library vs Libraries etc, I just prefer to
ignore the matter and leave everything as it is :-)

Perhaps we could introduce some flexibility here, allowing users to choose
the layout they prefer - the problem is in that way each user will have
his own layout, and while gnustep-make can support that easily, it might
complicate a lot the life of applications looking for resources on the
filesystem.  It might also be just more confusing for users themselves,
because when they install, say, a new distribution, they will find a
different layout - which is confusing.

Btw, you seem to completely ignore the existence of libraries - while on
gnustep we tend to prefer libraries to frameworks.  Not that there is much
of a difference between the two, since we're working on support for
bundling any sort of resources with a library (you can already see an
experiment of that in place with gnustep-gui, which is installing his own
localization files and reading them).  It might be my opinion that
gnustep-base is no special in that respect, I suppose most of gnustep-base
resources might be moved into Libraries/Resources/gnustep-base/ - but
that's still a vague idea.

Anyway - resources for a specific library (will) go into


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