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Re: New to GNUmake

From: Pierre Vaudrey
Subject: Re: New to GNUmake
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 10:50:34 +0200

Le lundi 8 avril 2002, à 04:57 PM, Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf a écrit :

I'm new to GNUmake and I would like to build CodeEditor from
on Mac OS X 10.1.3
I guess I need first to install gnustep-make-1.3.0
Is help for beginners offtopics on this list ?

If you wan't to use it with Cocoa, you need to port it (should be not that
complicated, mostly only a few fixes are needed). In that case you would
use Apples Project Builder, so there is no need for GNUstep-make. A good
example for such a "hybrid" GNUstep/Cocoa App is Affiche (http://www.collaboration-world.com/affiche/).

I'm trying to build CodeEditor in Apple's Project Builder
Could somebody help me to solve the following error:
"2002-04-10 10:44:05.965 CodeEditor[1593] *** Assertion failure in -[NSMenuItem initWithTitle:action:keyEquivalent:], NSMenuItem.m:84
2002-04-10 10:44:05.989 CodeEditor[1593] Exception raised during posting of notification. Ignored. exception: Invalid parameter not satisfying: charCode != nil"

Pierre Vaudrey
email address@hidden
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