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RE: GNUstep on Solaris 8

From: Ben Lindsey
Subject: RE: GNUstep on Solaris 8
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 14:09:48 -0500

  I've had very little luck in compiling GNUstep apps without the newest set
of binutils from GNU....  Build them -- then put /usr/local/bin ahead of
/usr/ccs/bin in your path..


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Subject: GNUstep on Solaris 8


I am having problems with GNUstep and Solaris 8.
The distribution builds OK but I am unable to run any application as
they core dump as soon as
they start.  For example, ProjectCenter prints to the console "Contents
of file 'nil' does not contain a dictionary"
before crashing.

Has anyone in the GNUstep community gone through Solaris 8 problems?

Thank you

best regards

Antonio Petri
IkonScience Limited

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