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RE: best OS for using gnustep on tiBook?

From: Jim McLoughlin
Subject: RE: best OS for using gnustep on tiBook?
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 12:11:33 -0700

Hello Pascal

> By the way, I've go a question about the TiBook.  I've been hesitating
> for 8 months about buying a top-notch TiBook configuration for MacOSX,
> but the $6000 price  tag, vs the $2500 at most it  would cost to build
> an  "equivalent" PC  laptop  with GNUstep/Linux  or  FreeBSD makes  me
> wonder  if it  really is  worth the  cost.  What  do you  think? (Even
> discounting  the expected culture  shock for  someone coming  from the
> NeXT GUI).
> Alternatively, what are the  performance of other TiBooks like? (other
> than the top-notch, full-loaded, fastest configuration).

For me, I've been really anxious to get on OSX.  I also do alot of
WebObjects development, and currently have to work in win2k for that :-(
(linux/bsd are not an option with WO dev).  So I decided to sacrifice the
extra cost in order to experience the new OS.

I found the 667 more attractive for the price ($700 US cheaper than the
800), and will soup it up with RAM.  They are otherwise identical in terms
of processor, L2/L3 cache, bus speed, DVI out, etc.  I've heard the 800 runs
a little hotter as well.  I was able to knock another $300 off the price by
buying a refurbished model from apple store online (US).

I couldn't wait, but lots of rumors point to tiBooks being updated in the
next month or so (possibly mac world paris).  Depending on the features of
those (if they are released), you may find a sweet deal on a 667 or 800
shortly thereafter.

Sorry if this is off-topic, wasn't sure if I should reply to all or not.


Jim M

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