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Re: gcc 3.1 OK for gnustep?

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: Re: gcc 3.1 OK for gnustep?
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 18:12:58 +0200

Jim McLoughlin wrote:

> Hello
> > This sounds similar to my experience from Friday. I was uusing gcc30
> > after 32 didnt work properly. But I am still having problems now,
> > was considering moving to using gcc 3.3 to try and get them going.
> >
> > How recent is your CVSup code ?
> >
> > I have always used gcc3.0 in the past under FreeBSD and it has worked
> > perfectly. That would be my copiler of choice, except that it isnt
> > working with the most recent CVSup. I have been trying to build some
> > of the code with "debug=yes" and that causes GCC to crash in GSXML !
> >
> > What packages did you install for libxl, and what copile options did
> > you
> > give them ? I'm tryying to work out what changed between my working
> > code last week and the non working coode thhis week (I did a complete
> > re-install of the system in between, as well as doing a CVSup)
> Unfortunately I don't recall what the exact packages I used were.  I'm
> actually now working mainly in Debian on my tiBook.
> If I have a chance at home, I will get on my FreeBSD box and check the
> version of all the supporting packages (libxml, etc).  I don't recall
> using any special compile options, I mainly used make install in the
> ports system.  My sources were from a while ago (6 - 8 weeks), so it
> was not a recent change that caused the problems.  Maybe 3.1 was never
> a proper gcc to use?
> To answer my own question, the updated unix build guide now says that >
> 3.2 is required.

Actually it is not "really" required, I only found out that gcc 3.1 had so
many things that where broken and that are fixed in gcc 3.2 that you realy
should consider upgrading, it makes life a lot easier.


> cheers
> Jim M
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