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Re: Proposal for new layout of the GNUstep website now online

From: Mathias . Picker
Subject: Re: Proposal for new layout of the GNUstep website now online
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 17:32:19 +0200 (CEST)

Hi Lars.

Good looking design!

I have some thougts and/or questions about possible design alternatives,
maybe you want to consider some of them:

1) How could you make the design flow with the browser width? 

2) How could you lessen the use of white space? You are now using very
 much white space, which makes it difficult for the design to gracefully
 degrade with different browser widths

3) How could the stylesheet and html be designed to have but one page
 that would look good in lynx and pda's and wide-screen browsers,
 instead of the "text" and "graphics" view. Stylesheets are good at
 this, I think you can find a way. 

 In my experience, multiple views are never ever synced by the authors,
 or the authors stop making changes at all because they fear the double
 work. A different solution would be to code to some xml dtd and
 generate the two versions, but I advise against it. Trust me on this :)

4) Your design seems to depend on some of the text widths and content in
 the text boxes (e.g. text width in mirrors and community equals text
 width in developers), can you prove that the design works for any text
 content? What about lengthy text, e.g. the description of GWorkspace et
 al. What about pictures?

5) Can you give some reasons for positioning the boxes where they are?
 E.g. why is the "users" text box on the rightmost position (the one
 most easily overlooked). Do you intend to have the users read the other
 boxes first?

6) How can you get the same design without any tables? (Closely related
 to questions 1 and 3).

Well, that's all that comes to mind right now. Maybe one thing:
can you imagine a greater brightness contrast between the page and the
text boxes background? I think I would like that. Maybe 10 or even 20%
more difference...

Thanks for the good work! I hope to see a really shining, innovative new
GNUstep site in the future!!

Cheers, Mathias

On  9 Okt, Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf wrote:
> As I wrote on 09/23/2002, I sat down and made a proposal for a new
> layout of the GNUstep website. It is now online here:
> http://www.sqar.org/gnustep/website-relaunch/
> [snip]
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