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ANNOUNCE: TINA 0.1 (formerly TBook)

From: Thomas Cherryhomes
Subject: ANNOUNCE: TINA 0.1 (formerly TBook)
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 14:41:48 -0600
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Attached are the release notes. Enjoy! :-)


|| Thomas Cherryhomes
|| OpenMINDS 

Release Notes for TINA  0.1

This is the first public release of TINA version 0.1 for the GNUstep 

1. Basic Notes

1.1 What is TINA?

TINA, short for Thom's INformation Aggregator is a simple card-file which
will eventually have data annotation capabilities. It is being developed as
an experiment in free-form data entry and parsing. It is released to the
Free Software community at large in the hopes that other people may find this
program as useful as I have.

1.2 Who develops TINA?

Tina is developed by OpenMINDS Research fellow Thomas Cherryhomes. He can
be reached via email, or Jabber at <address@hidden>. 

Kenny Graunke <address@hidden> designed the icons used in the program.

1.3 Where is the documentation?

The Users Guide is being prepared. TINA 0.2 will have full documentation
written in SGML DOCBOOK 3.1 format. There will be default outputs for 
HTML and PDF document formats. 

1.4 I have found a bug! What should I do?

Please e-mail me with as complete of a description of the bug as possible.
Good information to include in the bugreport can include:

* Version of GNUstep you are using (if CVS, please specify date of last update.)
* Version of TBook you are using.
* Steps to reproduce the problem. 
* The exact error message that resulted, if any.

2 Other Information

2.1 Version Changes

A few of you may have gotten an early pre-release of TINA called TBook.
This version contains a few improvements over the early pre-release, including:

2002-12-14: Release 0.1 final
* Name Change to TINA
* Search Feature Implemented, search happens as you type.
* Document windows remember their position and size.
* Fontification of Title

!!BUGS!! !!BUGS!! !!BUGS!! !!BUGS!! !!BUGS!! !!BUGS!! !!BUGS!! !!BUGS!! !!BUGS!!
Yes, there are two bugs that are present in this version. Please take care to
NOT do the following things:

* Do not immediately exit before committing a card (click on another card first)
* Do not erase the title of a card (The title repair function is currently
                                    experiencing a bit of weirdness. I am
                                    fixing it for the next release.)

2.2 The immediate Future 

I am still conceptually designing the parser that will be used to annotate
cards within TINA. More news on this as the parser develops.

As for what will be added in 0.2, I know that I will be adding a Recent 
Documents menu under the Document menu, as well as the beginnings of a 
preferences panel. I am also contemplating minor UI changes to the front
panel (i.e. an auto-load toggle for an open document so that TINA will load
that document the next time it starts up.

0.2 will be the first of at least two more successive re-writes. The good
news is that the file format will be compatible for both newer and older
versions, thanks to the simplicity of the file format design.

3 Acknowledgements

I will forever thank the great people of #gnustep and the GNUstep community
for helping me design this application. It is my first application and I
would never have gotten the first release done this quickly if it weren't
for the following people:

* Kenny "Dekar" Graunke <address@hidden>  for designing the wonderful 
  icons TINA uses. 

* Gregory "bheron" Casamento for helping with Gorm issues and advice.

* Jeff "Deek" Teunissen for explaining the more obscure points of OPENSTEP,
  and helping with describing the relationship of objects between their 
  Gorm representation and the code. Also for explaining memory management

* Andy "Beregorn" Ruder for explaining memory management techniques, and 
  proper object initialization. 

* Alex "alexm_" Malmberg for providing insight into the workings of the
  GNUstep text system, as well as fixing an odd bug in the pre-release
  versions dealing with view refreshing. 

* Fabien Vallon for providing a French translation! 

* Matthew "mpt" Thomas for providing UI suggestions and improvements.

* Nicholas "rIO" Roard for providing UI suggestions.

* Ian Jones for being the first victim^H^H^H^H^H^Hbug-tester and serious
  user besides myself.

Thank you all! :-)



"Remember, No matter where you go...
          ...There you are." -- Buckaroo Banzai

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