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GNUstep Build Guide

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: GNUstep Build Guide
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 19:56:11 +0100

Hi all,

I am in the process of converting the GNUstep Build Guide to DocBook.
This initial release is the html to DocBook conversion done by
gnuhtml2tex and lyx, with some editing by me.

I am still learning DocBook, so the old version will be available and
the prefered version, until I am done.

Some layout changes are done, and some texts have changed.

All new features will go into this temporary version. Ideas, and
suggestions are welcome.

The beta version converted to HTML ;) can be found at
other document types on request, or when I am finished.

Don't set links to this version, because it will diappear as the
migration is complete.


Dennis Leeuw

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